Some important websites on Orthoptera: — a Hungarian citizen-science project for the geathering of information on arthropods. Photo's are identified by highly skilled entomologists.
Orthoptera Wiki — a scientific overview of the Orthoptera of Hungary by István A. Rácz, an Emeritus of the Debrecen University (under construction).
Orthoptera Species File — the most comprehensive scientific overview of the Orthoptera fauna of the world.
Grasshoppers of Europe — a great new resource on the European Orhoptera fauna, still in progress.
DGfO — the site of the German Orthopterologist Society with many beautiful photo's and distribution maps. — this site has a lot of information on the Swiss Orthoptera, with detailed keys, many photo's, sound recordings and habitat information.
Orthoptera and their ecology — this bilingual (German and English) site contains information on some 400 European species with a lot of good pictures.