Ephippiger ephippiger - Eastern Saddle Bush-cricket
(Fiebig, 1784)


Description: Large and robust species (♂ 23-30 mm, ♀ 20-35 mm), ground colour may vary (greenish or brownish), sometimes with dark spots on the abdomen. The pronotum is saddle-shaped, the wings are vestigial. The ovipositor is 15-21 mm long and only slightly curved upwards.
Similar species: none
Adults: from July to September
Sharp and rapid chirps, repeated every second or so. It sings during the day and at dusk, the loud song can be heard up to 20-30 m away.
Habitat:  Warm, dry shrublands, steppes, forest edges. It is very thermophilic.
Widespread but not common, especially in hills and mountains.

Ephippiger ephippiger, male
(Author: © L. Timaeus, source: observation.org, CC BY NC)

Ephippiger ephippiger, female
(Author: Karl Csaba, source: izeltlabuak.hu, CC BY 4.0)