Eupholidoptera garganica - garganói bozótszöcske
La Greca, 1959

Description: Medium-sized bush-cricket (24-29 mm). Ground colour is green (but sometimes brownish-yellow on the upperside), with a distinctive saw-like black pattern on the hind femur. A broad black stripe runs from the eyes to the end of the pronotum. The very short wings are also black and just slightly visible.
Similar species: none
Adults: from July to August
Sings the whole day round. Very short chirps repeated many times (0,5-2 chirps per sec.).

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 22 °C, 500 Hz high pass filter)
Habitat: Not a native species in Hungary. Only one population is known in an urban environment.
Most probably introduced by chance in the 11th district of Budapest where it lives in an area of a few hectares.

Eupholidoptera garganica, male
(Author: Horváth Dávid, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)