Euthystira brachyptera - Small Gold Grasshopper
(Ocskay, 1826)

Description: Relatively small, strikingly coloured grasshopper (♂ 14-17 mm, ♀ 19-22 mm). Ground colour is a silky light green, with a darker green stripe behind the eyes extending to the wingbase (sometimes with a black border). The hind knee is not dark. The male's forewings are translucent and greenish, extend to about half of the abdomen. The female's forewings are small, reddish, not reaching each other on the back. (Sometimes there are long-winged individuals in the population.)
Similar species: Chrysochraon dispar, Euchorthippus declivus
Adults: from May to September
It sings in the day. The song consists of a series of faint chirps with 2-6 second intervals. It's is similar to the song of Ch. disparand can be heard from about 5 m distance.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 35 °C)
Habitat: Meadows and clearings. Flightless.
Widespread and common in hills and mountains.

Euthystira brachyptera, male
(Author: Pribéli Levente, source:, CC BY 4.0)

Euthystira brachyptera, female
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)