Gomphocerippus rufus - White-clubbed Grasshopper
(L., 1758)

Description: A medium-sized species (♂ 14-16 mm, ♀ 17-23 mm), with brownish-grey ground colour. End of antennae are clubbed, black, the tip is white. At the base of the wing, a small widening (Chorthippus lobe) is visible on the leading edge. The side keels of the pronotum are angularly curved. The male hind tibiae and the end of the abdomen are orange-red.
Similar species: It resembles of Myrmeleotettix species, but the antennae are different.
Adults: from July to October
The 3 to 10 sec. long song consists of a series of rapid, hissing sounds, slowing down slightly at the end. The song begins softly and gradually increases in volume, reaching its maximum at about halfway. The interval between the songs is irregular.

source: Baudewijn Odé, xeno-canto.org
Habitat:  Shrubs, forest clearings, forest edges, rocky places.
Widespread and relatively common species, mainly in hilly and mountainous areas.

Gomphocerippus rufus, male
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Gomphocerippus rufus, female
(Author: Farkas Péter, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)