Leptophyes discoidalis - Blackwing Speckled Bush-cricket
(Frivaldszky, 1867)

Description: A thin and slender bush-cricket, the antennae are much longer than the body (♂ 13-14 mm, ♀ 15-19 mm). The pronotum is relatively long, the body is green with brown spots. The visible part of the wings is about 1/3 of the length of the pronotum, with a conspicuous black spot on each by males. The male cerci are very thick at the base and light in colour. The ovipositor is 7-8 mm long with fine teeth along the margin.
Similar species: the other Leptophyes species
Adults: from June to August
Hang: Faint and very short clicking sounds, which follow each other with varying speed. Not hearable for humans, bat detector is needed.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 26 °C)
Habitat:  Semi-arid grasslands.
Scarce, small and isolated populations (in North Hungarian Mountains and in SE near Mályvád).
Note: Protected species in Hungary.

Leptophyes discoidalis, male
(Author: Clovis, source: flickr.com, CC BY NC)

Leptophyes discoidalis, female
(Author: Clovis, source: flickr.com, CC BY NC)