Mecostethus parapleurus - Leek Grasshopper
(Hagenback, 1822)

Description: Medium-sized grasshopper (♂ 17-21 mm, ♀ 25-28 mm), colour is usually light green or olive green, with a black band behind the eyes. Wings are long, reach the dark hind knee. The hind femur is unicoloured.
Similar species: Stetophyma grossum: no thick black band behind the eyes, hind tibiae are yellowish.
Adults: from July to September
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Semi-arid grasslands. It prefers warm and humid conditions.
Known from many regions, from the lowlands to the mountains, but rather scarce.

Mecostethus parapleurus
(Author: Pribéli Levente, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)

Mecostethus parapleurus
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Mecostethus parapleurus, female
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source:, CC BY-SA 2.0)