Melanogryllus desertus - Lesser Field-cricket
(Pallas, 1771)

Description: Similar to the Field-cricket, but smaller (♂ 12-18 mm, ♀ 14-18 mm). Ground colour is black, with a yellow stripe on the wing and a small white dot near the eyes. The fore wings reach the middle of the abdomen, the hind wings are reduced. The ovipositor is 8-14 mm long, more or less straight.
Similar species: Gryllus campestris
Adults: from May to August
Typical cricket sound with fairly soft, regular chirps (1-2 per sec). Sings from the afternoon through the night.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 21 °C, 500 Hz high pass)
Habitat:  Grasslands, arable land, pastures. Hides in soil cracks, making it difficult to find. Active at night.
Widespread, especially in the lowlands.

Melanogryllus desertus, male
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source:, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Melanogryllus desertus, female
(Author: Kalivoda Béla, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)