Miramella alpina - alpesi sáska
(Kollar, 1833)

Description: Medium-sized, colourful and shiny grasshopper (♂ 16-23 mm, ♀ 22-30 mm). Ground colour is bright green, a black band behind eyes, underside of femur is red, the tibiae are yellow. The brown fore wing is vestigal (4-10 mm long).
Similar species: none
Adults: from July to October
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Alpine species, lives in humid grasslands and roadsides in the mountains. Flightless.
Only in two regions in the most western part of the country: Kőszegi-hg. (Kőszeg, Bozsok, Velem) and Őrség (Felsőszölnök, Szakonyfalu).
There are only a few known localities of the species in the Őrség region, but there is a chance that M. irena , a sibling species, occurs here too.

Miramella alpina, copula
(Author: Lukátsi Márk, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)

Miramella alpina, female
(Author: Mészáros Ádám, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)