Montana montana - Steppe Bush-cricket
(Kollar, 1833)

Description: Ground colour is greyish to light brown, but green specimens also occur (♂ 13-15 mm, ♀ 16-18 mm). The wings reach to the end of the abdomen. A broad light margin runs along the lower and rear edge of the pronotum side flaps. Ovipositor is 9-11 mm long, light brown, only slightly curved, especially at the end.
Similar species: the Platycleis species
Adults: from June to August
A series of faint chirps every one of which lasts max. 4 seconds with short intervals (max. 4 seconds). Sings from the afternoon till the night.
Habitat:  Dry grassland and hillsides. It prefers bare ground.
Widespread in the Great Hungarian Plain, but also known from other regions.

Montana montana, male
(Author: Ján Svetlík, source:, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)