Omocestus minutus - Minute Grasshopper
(Brullé, 1832)

Description: Small species (♂ 10-14 mm, ♀ 13-15 mm), more slender and lighter in colour than O. petraeus and O. haemorrhoidalis, which are often found in the same habitats. The side keels of the pronotum are angularly curved and the wings are longer than the hind knee. The tip of the male's abdomen is not strikingly coloured.
Similar species: the other Omocestus species
Adults: from June to October.
The faint song consists of 1-1,5 sec. long chirps.
Habitat:  Dry and sandy grasslands.
Very scarce in Hungary, known only from two regions (Bugac and Paks). Small and isolated populations.

Omocestus minutus
(Author: Kiss Tamás, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)

Omocestus minutus, male
(Author: Puskás Gellért, source: Orhtoptera Species File, CC BY SA 2.0)

Omocestus minutus, female
(Author: Stefan Iorgu, source: Orhtoptera Species File, CC BY SA 2.0)