Paracaloptenus caloptenoides - Balkan Pincer Grasshopper
(Brunner v. W., 1861)

Description: Ground colour is grey or brown with darker patches (♂ 14-20 mm, ♀ 20-26 mm). Hind tibiae are red. Fore wings vestigial (3-6 mm), hind wings completely absent. The large eyes are vertically striped. Posterior edge of the pronotum is more or less straight on the back.
Similar species: none
Adults: from July to September
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Rocky places, hillsides. Prefers bare ground.
Local in hills and mountains (e.g. Szt. György-hegy, Nagyeged, Visegrádi-hg., Börzsöny, Mátra, Bükk, Aggteleki-karszt).
Note: Strictly protected species.

Paracaloptenus caloptenoides
(Author: Dick Bekker, source:, CC BY NC)

Paracaloptenus caloptenoides, female
(Author: © L. Timaeus, source:, CC BY NC)