Pholidoptera littoralis - Littoral Dark Bush-cricket
(Fieber, 1853)

Description: Relatively large species (♂ 19-23 mm, ♀ 21-27 mm), brown, grey or green, but the upperside is always brown. On the side flaps of the pronotum there is a dark patch and a wide light margin along the lower and posterior edges. The ovipositor is 22-28 mm, straight.
Similar species: other Pholidoptera species.
Adults: from June to August
The song is 2-4 seconds long and consists of 30-60 syllables. The first syllables are increasing in volume. Its song is similar to that of T. cantans .

Source: Kees Kuiper,, field recording

In humid habitats, riparian forests with dense vegetation.
Only one population is known in Hungary at Mályvád (county Békés). There are older records from Budapest as well, but most probably gone extinct there.
Protected species in Hungary.

Pholidoptera littoralis, male
(Author: Josee van Oers, source:, CC BY NC)

Pholidoptera littoralis, female
(Author: Josee van Oers, source:, CC BY NC)