Poecilimon fussii - Fuss' Bright Bush-cricket
Fieber, 1878

Description: Ground colour green and yellow, but on the backside, especially by males, is strikingly coloured (♂ 14-15 mm, ♀ 13-18 mm). The top of the pronotum is orange on the front and back margins. The male's red or yellow cerci are thickest in the middle, curving inwards and crossing each other. The tips are blunt and dark in colour. The ovipositor is about 7 mm long, robust, the dorsal side slightly curved, with 5-9 tiny teeth above and 7-9 below.
Similar species: the other Poecilimon species
Adults: from July to August
The faint song is produced during the day, but it has a high frequency, thus a bat detector is needed.

Source: Orthoptera Species File, lab recording, 23°C, bat detector, 40 kHz

Open forests, forest edges, shrubs. It prefers tall vegetation.
Scarce species, only a few isolated population in mountains (e.g. Mecsek [Pécsvárad], Villányi-hg., Budai-hg. [Pesthidegkút], Somogy, Déli-Bakony, Bükk [Bükkszentlászló]).
Note: Protected species in Hungary.