Poecilimon schmidtii - Schmidt's Bright Bush-cricket
(Fieber, 1853)

Description: Ground colour is green with scattered small reddish-brown dots (♂ 15-21 mm, ♀ 18-23 mm). The pronotum is more or less saddle-shaped with brown margins. Legs usually conspicuously red or yellow. The male's cerci are yellowi to orange, at the end curved inwards like a hook and the tip ends pointed. The ovipositor is 10 mm long.
Similar species: the other Poecilimon species
Adults: from June to August
Short and sharp chirps repeated every second. It's frequency is high, thus a bat detector is needed.

Source: Orthoptera Species File, lab recording, 27°C, bat detector at 30 kHz

Open forests, shrubs , forest edges. Avoids dry habitats. Lives in the lower vegetation.
Scarce, isolated populations (e.g. Zempléni-hg., Visegrádi-hg., Budai-hg., along the Dráva river, Beregi-sík, Gyula).
Note: Protected species in Hungary.

Poecilimon schmidtii, male
(Author: Körmendy Zoltán, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)