Ruspolia nitidula - Large Cone-head
(Scopoli, 1786)

Description: Large, green bush-cricket (♂ 20-30 mm,♀ 24-33 mm). The long green wings extend well beyond the abdomen. The ovipositor (18-24 mm) is straight and longer than the abdomen, but is hidden below the wings.
Similar species: the Conocephalus and the Phaneroptera species
Adults: from July to September
The song is a continuous, raspy chirp that can be heard from far away and is easily recognisable. It sings in the evening and at night.elismerhető. Olyan, mint egy trafóállomás zaja. Este és éjjel cirpel.

Source: Francisco Barros,
Habitat:  Warm and humid habitats. It prefers tall vegetation and hides well.
Widespread and common on lower altitudes.

Ruspolia nitidula, male
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY SA)

Ruspolia nitidula, female
(Author: Balogh Diána, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)