Tettigonia caudata - Eastern Green Bush-cricket
(Charpentier, 1845)

Description: Large, green bush-cricket (♂ 25-30 mm, ♀ 27-35 mm). The wings are much longer than the abdomen, the head is green. There are black spines on the lower margin of the femur. Ovipositor is 37-40 mm, straight or slightly downward curved.
Similar species: Tettigonia viridissima
Adults: from July to October
The loud song is similar to that of T. cantans . In the afternoon is this a hissing sound, lasting for 1 to 5 sec. At night a more rattling sound lasting longer and increasing in volume.

Recording: Baudewijn Odé, source: observation.org (field recording)

Loess steppes, roadsides, waste lands. A poorly known speices in Hungary.
Formerly a widespread species, today only scattered populations in the Great Hungarian Plain and in some mountain ranges.
Protected species in Hungary.

Tettigonia caudata, male
(Author: Pierre Bonmariage, source: observation.org, CC BY NC)

Tettigonia caudata, female
(Author: Vlad Proklov, source: flickr.com, CC BY NC 2.0)