Xya pfaendleri - Pfaendler's Molehopper
(Harz, 1970)

Description: Small species and hard to detect (♂ 4-5.5 mm, ♀ 5-6.5 mm). The head is flattened, the eyes are relatively large and the pronotum is dome-shaped. Body almost entirely black, with some light patches on the abdomen and legs . The fore wings are unicoloured and shorter than the hind wings. A yellow longitudinal stripe runs on the fore femur.
Similar species: Xya variegata
Adults: Imagoes can be found all year long, but most abundant between March and September.
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Riverbanks. Active at night, digging burrows in the wet sand.
Only a few records from Hungary. It has been found in the west, along the Danube and Raba rivers. Also found on the Great Hungarian Plain. It's a Balkanic species.

Xya pfaendleri
(Author: Kiss Tamás, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)

Xya pfaendleri
(Author: © L. Timaeus, source: observation.org, CC BY NC)