Arcyptera fusca - Large Banded Grasshopper
(Pallas, 1773)

Description: Large and robust (♂ 22-30 mm, ♀ 29-42 mm), strikingly coloured grasshopper. Ground colour variable (yellowish green to brownish), with contrasting patterns, the hind wing tip is dark (only visible when wings are open!). The hind tibiae and the underside of the femurs are bright red, with a bright 'ring' around the black knee. The males have wings that extend beyond the hind knee, wings by females reach about half of the abdomen.
Similar species: Arcyptera microptera, Stetophyma grossum
Adults: from May to September
Very strong and distinctive sound. First a rapid series of very short chirps, followed by a strange rasping sound (similar to that of a rattlesnake) lasting about 2 seconds. This is followed by another series of chirps.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (field recording, 22 °C)
Habitat: Subalpine species. It lives in semi-arid grasslands and alpine meadows. The male flies moderately well.
Only at higher altitudes (above 600 m) in the North Hungarian Mts. (Börzsöny, Bükk, Aggteleki-karszt, Zempléni-hg.).
Note: Protected species, in decline due to climate change.

Arcyptera fusca, male
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source:, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Arcyptera fusca, female
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)