Arcyptera microptera - Eastern Banded Grasshopper
(Fischer de W., 1833)

Description: Robust, medium-sized (♂ 17-25 mm, ♀ 22-29 mm), colourful species. Base colour ochre brown to greenish brown, underside of abdomen light ochre, hind leg orange-red, with a light 'ring' around the black knee. The wings of both sexes extend to about the hind knee (15-20 mm long), the hind(!) wing has no dark colouration, only the tip is slightly brownish (visible only when wings are open).
Similar species: Arcyptera fusca
Adults: from June to July
Relatively loud but not conspicuous song. It consists of two parts : first a few (10-15) short and increasingly louder clicks, followed by a buzzing sound about 0.4 sec. long.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 25 °C)
Habitat:  Dry and rocky hillsides, steppe meadows, semi-arid grasslands.
Rare in Hungary. Small and scattered populations in hills and mountains, between 200-350 m altitude. (e.g. Tokaj, Bakony, Pécel)
Note: Protected species in Hungary.

Arcyptera microptera, male
(Author: Thomas Cuypers, source:, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Arcyptera microptera, ventral side of thorax
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source:, CC BY-SA 2.0)