Decticus verrucivorus - Common Wart-biter
(L., 1785)

Description: A large species, barely able to fly (♂ 26-34 mm, ♀ 27-42 mm). Ground colour is green with some dark patterns. The body is robust, the mandibles are strong. The forehead is broad, the underside of the body is yellowish. The median keel on the pronotum is conspicuous. The wings are longer than the abdomen, with dark spots on the fore wings. Ovipositor is 17-26 mm long, slightly curved.
Similar species: Gampsocleis glabra and the Platycleis species
Adults: from June to September
The loud song can be heard from more than 10 m away, making it easy to identify. The song begins with a series of chirps, repeated at increasing speed until a continuous rattling sound is produced. It only sings during the hot midday hours.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 22
Habitat:  It lives in different types of grasslands.
Widespread but mostly not common.

Decticus verrucivorus, male
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Decticus verrucivorus, female
(Author: Kárpáti Marcell, source:, CC BY 4.0)