Gampsocleis glabra - Steppe Spiny Bush-cricket
(Herbst, 1786)

Description: A large (20-27 mm), robust, mostly darkly spotted greenish or brownish species. A thin light margin runs along the lower edge of the pronotum. The wings are well developed, extending to about the end of the abdomen, but there are also individuals with longer wings. The ovipositor (18-23 mm) is straight.
Similar species: Decticus verrucivorus, Roeseliana roeselii, the Platycleis species
Adults: from June to September
The loud and rapid, monotonous song lasts for long, even minutes. It is similar to the song of R. roeselii . It only sings in sunny weather and the song can be heard from 30-50 m away.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, high pass filter, 29 °C)
Habitat:  Dry grasslands and pastures. Lives in the higher vegetation. Thermophilic and flightless species.
Widespread but scarce and local (e.g. Kiskunság, Balaton Uplands, Eastern Bakony, in the region of Budapest).
Note: Protected species in Hungary.

Gampsocleis glabra, male
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Gampsocleis glabra, female
(Author: Tóth Marietta, source:, CC BY 4.0)