Roeseliana roeselii - Roesel's Meadow Bush-cricket
(Hagenbach, 1822)

Description: Body (♂ 15-18 mm, ♀ 16-20 mm) is brown, sometimes green, with a light stripe along the edge of the pronotum side flaps. The wings are (much) shorter than the abdomen and have no dark patches. The hide femur has a black pattern. Ovipositor is 5-8 mm, strongly curved. (There are sometimes long-winged individuals as well with good flying ability.)
Similar species: Platycelis, Tessellana and Metrioptera species.
Adults: from June to October.
The song is a high-pitched hum (above 12 kHz) that lasts for minutes, similar to the sound of high-voltage power lines. It sings during the day and its loud voice can be heard up to 30 metres away.

Recodring: Dobos Zsolt (field recording, 29 °C)

Humid grasslands, forest clearings. It hides in lower vegetation.
Widespread and common.

Roeseliana roeselii, male
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source:, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Roeseliana roeselii, female
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Roeseliana roeselii, male cerci
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)