Tessellana veyseli - Veysel's Slender Bush-cricket
(Kocak, 1984)

Description: Relatively small species with a large head in relation to body size (♂ 13-17 mm, ♀ 14-16 mm). The fore wing does not reach the end of the abdomen, the wingtip is pointed. Ovipositor is 5-6 mm long, slightly curved and dark.
Similar species: Platycleis, Roeseliana and Metrioptera species.
Adults: from June to October.
The faint song consists of rasping syllables (3-5/sec) at irregular intervals. It sings mainly in the ultrasonic range and is therefore more easily observed with a bat detector.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 24 C, 500 Hz high pass)

Dry grasslands, pastures and waste lands.
Widespread in the lowlands and in hilly areas.
older synonym is Platycleis vittata (Charpentier, 1825).

Tessellana veyseli, male
(Author: © L. Timaeus, source: observation.org, CC BY NC SA)

Tessellana veyseli, female
(Author: Ján Svetlík, source: flickr.com, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)