Isophya stysi - Stys' Plump Bush-cricket
Cejchan, 1958

Description: Ground colour green, body length 20-28 mm, ovipositor 10-11 mm. Male's subgenital plate is short, narrow, notched at the end.
Similar species: the other Isophya species
Adults: from June to August
The song is very similar to that of I. modestior , but the vibrations at the beginning of the syllables are slower, resulting in a scratchy, raspy sound. The interval between the syllables is 1 to 2 minutes.
Habitat:  Forest clearings and edges, tall vegetation by streams.
An endemism of the Eastern Carpathians, this species has isolated and small populations in the eastern part of the country (Zempléni Mts., Aggteleki-karszt, Beregi-sík, Körös-vidék).
Note: Strictly protected species.