Leptophyes boscii - Balkan Speckled Bush-cricket
Fieber, 1853

Description: Ground colour is light green with small dark spots (♂ 13-18 mm, ♀ 16-20 mm). The pronotum is relatively long, with a light stripe along the lower margin, which mostly continues along the entire length of the abdomen. The very short wings have a single black spot at the tip. The male cerci are straight and light or red coloured.
Similar species: Leptophyes albovittata
Adults: from July to September
Sings from afternoon until late night. Its song is a series of faint and short chirps with intervals of 5-12 seconds. The frequency maximum is about at 40 kHz.

Source: Orhtoptera Species File, lab recording, 40 kHz, 26 °C

Semi-humid grasslands, bushes, forest edges. Prefers higher vegetation. Flightless.
Scarce. Most populations known from the western part of the country (e.g. Western Borderland, Pilis, Visegrádi-hg., Bakony), but it has been found in the North Hungarian Mts. as well.

Leptophyes boscii, male
(Author: © Harm Alberts, source: observation.org, CC BY NC ND)

Leptophyes boscii, pair
(Author: © Paolo Eusebio Berg, source: observation.org, CC BY NC)