Leptophyes punctatissima - Common Speckled Bush-cricket
(Bosc, 1792)

Description: Ground colour is yellowish green, abdomen without light stripe (♂ 11-13 mm, ♀ 13-17 mm). The pronotum is conspicuously short, without a light margin. The male cerci are thin and curved inwards. Ovipositor (7-8.5 mm) is not as curved as by L. albovittata.
Similar species: Leptophyes albovittata
Adults: from June to September
Sings from afternoon till night. The faint chirps are unhearable for humans and produced with 2 to 10 sec. intervals. The frequency maximum is between 30 and 50 kHz.

Source: Orthoptera Species File, lab recording, 40 kHz, 22 °C

It lives in bushes and trees.
Rather scarce, only a few observations from different regions (e.g. Budapest, Aggteleki-karszt, Mecsek).

Leptophyes punctatissima, male
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source: flickr.com, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Leptophyes punctatissima, male
(Author: Miklos Rapala, source: iNaturalist, CC BY NC)

Leptophyes punctatissima, female
(Author: Pascal Dubois, source: iNaturalist, CC BY NC)