Odontopodisma decipiens - Cheating Mountain Grasshopper
(Ramme, 1951)

Description: Bright green, medium-sized locust (♂ 14-18 mm, ♀ 17-24 mm). A thin black stripe behind the eyes. The small wings and the end of the abdomen are pink, the underside of the hind femur is yellow. The hind knee is black with a violet patch on the side.
Similar species: The other Odontopodisma species. Identification is difficult. + Euthystira brachyptera.
Adults: from June to October.
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Forest margins and clearings.
Very scarce, but locally abundant. Known only from the western part of Hungary (west of the Danube), e.g. Dráva-mellék, Mecsek, Villányi-hg., Szekszárd, Somogy, Soproni-hg., Sümeg, Szt. György-hegy.

Odontopodisma decipiens, male
(Author: Kárpáti Marcell, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)

Odontopodisma decipiens, copula
(Author: Kárpáti Marcell, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)