Phaneroptera nana - Southern Sickle Bush-cricket
Fieber, 1853

Description: Ground colour is green with tiny darkbrown spots (♂ 12-15 mm, ♀ 15-18 mm). Tympanon is oval. Wings are longer than the body, the hind wings are longer than the fore ones. The pronotum is slightly shorter than it's high. Ovipositor is short (5 mm), sickle-like and symmetrical in side view.
Similar species: Phaneroptera falcata and Tettigonia viridissima
Adults: from July to October
Song: Faint song that resembles that of Ph. falcata , but the chirps are shorter. Its frequency is lower (14-22 kHz). Sings mostly in the evening and at night.

Phaneroptera nana, 26°C, source: Orthoptera Species File

Habitat: In tall vegetation (shrubs, tall herbs).


Phaneroptera nana, male
(Author: Kárpáti Marcell, source:, CC BY 4.0)

Phaneroptera nana, female
(Author: Bauer Bea, source:, CC BY 4.0)