Pholidoptera fallax - Meadow Dark Bush-cricket
(Fischer, 1853)

Description: Ground colour is brown (♂ 14-17 mm, ♀ 17-23 mm). The underside is yellow. On the side flaps of the pronotum there is a dark patch and a broad light margin running along the lower and posterior edges. The male's wings are half as long as the pronotum, the female's wings are not visible. The ovipositor is 12-13 mm long, curving upwards, but not as strongly as in Ph. griseoaptera.
Similar species: other Pholidoptera species.
Adults: from June to October.
The song consists of a series of short chirps repeated with 1-2 second intervals. Similar to the song of Ph. griseoaptera .

Source: Orthoptera Species File (field recording, 21 °C

Forest clearings and shrubs. Thermophilic species. It hides in the low vegetation.
Widespread but not common, mostly in hills and mountains.

Pholidoptera fallax, male
(Author: Sebastian Schröder-Esch, source:, CC BY NC)

Pholidoptera fallax, female
(Author: Ján Svetlík, source:, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)