Tetrix bolivari - Bolivar's Groundhopper
(Saulcy, 1901)

Description: A relatively large species with a stout body (♂ 9.5-11 mm, ♀ 10-13.5 mm). The pronotum is 9-13 mm long. Colour varies (brown, ochre, grey), with lighter spots scattered on the body. Hind wings are longer than the pronotum. The pronotum is flat with an elevated central ridge in the front part. The upper margin on the hind femur is not straight.
Similar species: Tetrix subulata and T. ceperoi
Adults: Imagoes can be found all year round, but most abundant in spring and autumn.
Males have no calling song.
abitat:  Wet habitats with sparse vegetation in lowlands.
A scarce species, most populations known from the Great Hungarian Plain.

Tetrix bolivari
(Author: Kiss Tamás, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)

Tetrix bolivari, female
(Author: Balogh Diána, source: ízeltlábúak.hu, CC BY 4.0)