Chorthippus oschei - Carpathian Dancing Grasshopper
Helversen, 1986

Description: Relatively small species (♂ 13-15 mm, ♀ 18-23). Ground colour brown or grey. A light stripe often runs along the lower edge of the female's wing. The side keels of the pronotum are straight. The wings reach more or less the hind knee, but the Chorthippus lobe is not always present. The male abdomen has no red colouration. Field separation from Ch. albomarginatusis not possible.
Similar species: Chorthippus dorsatus, Ch. albomarginatus and Ch. dichrous 
Adults: from July to September
The song is rather faint, so the species is often overlooked. It consists of short chirps (0.5 sec), repeated 2-5 times with 2-4 sec intervals. Each chirp starts with a hard sound and at the end stops abruptly. The song is similar to that of Ch. albomarginatus , but the male's courtship song and courtship ritual distinguish the two species.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, 24 °C)
Habitat: Humid grasslands, alkaline steppes, pastures. It avoids the bare ground.
Common in lowlands, but local in hills and mountains. It's a sibling species of Ch. albomarginatus and the two can form hybrids.

Chorthippus oschei, male
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)

Chorthippus oschei, female
(Author: Dobos Zsolt)