Dociostaurus maroccanus - Moroccan Cross-backed Grasshopper
(Thunberg, 1815)

Description: Quite large, powerful grasshopper (♂ 16-30 mm, ♀ 23-37 mm). The ground colour is brown (never green), the hind tibiae are reddish. Wings well developed, reaching well beyond the black hind knee. White stripes on the pronotum form an X.
Similar species: Oedaleus decorus, Dociostaurus brevicollis
Adults: from June to September
A single very short, sharp chirp (syllabus), with short pauses (ca. 0.5-1 s) between each chirp. The songs of Dociostaurus species are very similar.

Author: © Ch. Roesti, Orthoptera of France (20 °C)
Habitat:  Sandy and alkaline grasslands. In the past it was sometimes a pest, the last gradation has been observed in 1993 between Kunpeszér and Tatárszentgyörgy. It lives on the bare ground.
It's a scarce species (e.g. Kiskunság, Mezőföld).

Dociostaurus maroccanus, male
(Author: Bárbol, source:, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Dociostaurus maroccanus
(Author: © Ruud és Betty van Middelkoop, source:, CC-BY-NC)