Isophya pienensis - Pienini Plump Bush-cricket
Maran, 1954

Description: Relatively small and not very robust species (19-25 mm). The male's wings are about as long as the pronotum. The base of the cerci is strong, gradually narrowing and only slightly inclined inwards. The ovipositor is 9-11 mm long.
Similar species: the other Isophya species
Adults: from June to August
Variable and very faint song, similar to the song of I. stysi and I. modestior , but the number of syllables in a group varying from one to three. At the end of the syllable, there is no knocking sound, which is usually hearable by other species of the genus. The frequency maximum is between 20 and 30 kHz.
Habitat:  Forest edges, clearings, roadsides. Prefers lower vegetation.
This species lives in the higher ranges of the Carpathian Mts. In Hungary it's known only from the most northern part of the Zemplén Mts.

Isophya pienensis, female
(Author: © L. Timaeus, source:, CC BY NC SA)