Pachytrachis gracilis - Graceful Bush-cricket
(Brunner v. W., 1861)

Description: Small species with a fragile body (♂ 14-17 mm, ♀ 17-20 mm). Ground colour is brown, wings are reduced. The underside of the femur is green. A light stripe runs along the edge of the side flaps of the pronotum. Ovipositor is 12,5-17 mm, almost straight, only the end curving slightly upwards. The male cerci are straight.
Similar species: Decticus verrucivorus, Roeseliana roeselii, the Platycleis species
Adults: from July to October
The faint song consists of short (0.3-0.5 sec.) chirps with 4-6 clicks repeated rapidly. The interval between two chirps is 2-3 sec. long. Best to use a bat detector (at 25 kHz). Sings in the evening and at night.

Source: Orthoptera Species File (lab recording, bat detector, 30kHz, 27 °C)
Habitat:  Rocky places, light deciduous forest, shrubs.
Widespread, especially in hills and mountains, but scarce. (e.g. Mecsek, Kőszegi-hg., Transdanubian Hills, Mátra)

Pachytrachis gracilis, male
(Author: Kollár Linda, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)

Pachytrachis gracilis, female
(Author: Balogh Diána, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)