Platycleis affinis - Tuberous Grey Bush-cricket
Fieber, 1853

Description: Quite large but slender species (♂ 18-25 mm, ♀ 20-26 mm). Ground colour is greyish brown, wings extend to or beyond the hind knee. The male's cerci are light-coloured with a dark tooth. The ovipositor is 12-14 mm long, slightly curving upwards.
Similar species: the Platycleis, Montana and Tessellana species
Adults: from June to September
Easiest to identify by the song. It has two parts: first slow chirps for a few seconds and then a short and fast rattling sound (1 to 2 sec.).

Source: Orthoptera Species File (field recording, 20 °C)
Habitat:  Semi-arid grasslands.
Widespread, most common in lowlands.

Platycleis affinis, male
(Author: Kárpáti Marcell, source: ízeltlábú, CC BY 4.0)

Platycleis affinis, female
(Author: Gilles San Martin, source: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY)